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The restoration of Spitfires has developed far faster than the infrastructure of spare part manufacture. This fact has forced (due to cost and necessity), Spitfire restorers to “make their own”; a practice that many, including regulatory bodies, feel is becoming difficult to control and that is open to abuse.

Supermarine   is not the only company producing Spitfire parts and assemblies, many companies and private operators have for their own need, produced a huge variety of spares. These spares and parts can, and often do vary enormously in terms of quality and tolerance with far reaching results.

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Spitfire Spares, Parts & Components

The Spitfire is a complex aircraft, unlike many of its contemporaries, it was designed with little compromise to ease of production.

Today, there exists no single comprehensive record of its build, specification or modification record and no one alive with the memory of all that was done the fist time around. Supermarine is now once again putting the Spitfires’ many thousands of components back into production.

The task is enormous; our main research project at present is the restoration of the original modification records, with the reproduction of drawings remaining an ongoing challenge, likely to continue for many years to come.

However, the general standard of workmanship throughout the “Warbird” industry is a tribute not only to the designers and builders of these fabulous aircraft, but also to the tremendous efforts and sacrifices made by all involved, both today and when so much was at stake.

Standards continue to rise (regulation of companies has helped) and project by project, we all expect a little more, perhaps then with the amount of skill out there and a helping of professional rivalry, high standards should and must be expected.

Supermarine Aero Engineering Ltd offers anyone maintaining or rebuilding a Spitfire today a no nonsense supply of spitfire spares, parts, systems and structure.

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